Single Family & Duplex

The Cedar

Created by C.A Design, The Cedar, was built to address a growing high end residential market.

This five bedroom, three bathroom floorplan was dialed up a notch with features like heated tile floors, granite countertops, and custom plumbing/tile work in the shower areas.

Project completion is scheduled for June 2016.

Newport Duplexes

Designed by C.A. Design, these efficient townhomes became our most popular style of unit for sales.

These have been constructed as two storey, two bedroom, and two bathroom units that are perfect for a small family.

Dawson Creek Suited Single Family Homes

We have completed 25 suited single family homes of varying floor plans since 2015. As an upgrade, we offered the buyers an option of adding a detached carriage home complete with garage to their lot.

These homes have typically been built with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and double car garages.

Arbutus Duplexes

The Arbutus, designed by CA Design, is a suited duplex complete with a detached carriage home.

This revenue generating investment property boasts 5 separate dwelling units and three garages. An investor’s dream.