What people have to say aboutWestern Canadian Construction Company

After purchasing 2 Greenview Townhomes in Ft. St. John, I was able to take one of the tours up north to take a look at the properties in person. Being in construction, my initial instinct was to check the quality of the build. My first impression of the building was that of a simple, yet effective, design that was put together with a quality finish. I was very pleased to see that attention to detail was taken at every step of the build and I was happy to know that my investment was locked up in a property that was going to give me a long term return with very minimal maintenance along the way.While there, I was also able to check out the Hudson Townhomes. I was blown away at the effort the designers took to take advantage of the most sought after "features" that a town home could offer. The use of space, layout, convenience and most of all, quality finish, was more than enough to convince me to purchase 2 units of the next phase. These are the types of places I would move my own family into. To have my money secured against that alone, tells me that I will never have to worry about finding quality tenants.I couldn't feel more confident that I have made the right decision to invest in a WCCC built property and I am keeping a very close eye on what else they have in mind for my money!

Guy Bouchard